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UV-protective clothing – but right!

Especially in spring the first warm sunrays are very welcome and we like to let them work on our skin. Unfortunately, the rays are deceptive: the further the year progresses, the longer and higher the sun stands, the higher the UV exposure is for our skin. Since our storage capacity for UV rays is limited and, in the worst case, there is a risk of illness, protection against radiation should not be underestimated.

Since the recognition of white skin cancer as an occupational disease at the latest, the employer is obliged to protect his employees. It is best to expose the body to as little direct sunlight as possible. However, this is often not practicable. But who wants to put on a shirt – preferably in long sleeve design – at 30° to protect themselves from the sun? The right clothing can significantly increase wear acceptance:

  • It should protect effectively – sun protection factor 50+ – if possible without chemicals
  • It should be tested according to the relevant standard 13758-2
  • It should not heat up the body additionally, but cool it down
  • It shouldn’t smell of sweat right away
  • It should be Oeko-Tex certified
  • It should be produced as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible
  • It should be produced in Europe, preferably in the EU, so that decent production conditions are guaranteed

Answering “yes” to everything sounds good? That’s what we think and you’ll find it here now: Shirts in various designs – also as warning protection, hats, caps and a neck guard for a helmet. All further information can be found in our flyer (German) or simply call us at 069-857062-0.




LUPOS® – The King is back

An absolute classic among the manufacturers of safety shoes is back: LUPOS® – The king is back.The slogan doesn’t promise too much: absolute top equipment with modern design and top quality pamper your feet! People like to work in safety shoes – as it is also shown in the current TV commercial. To start with, we have included three models in our stock. You will receive all further details in the matching flyer.




Of course, our three pairs are only a small part of the extensive LUPOS® shoe range. You can find all other models at www.lupos-safety.com/de or download the current LUPOS® complete catalogue here. We can deliver all models within a few days.


Novelties Catalogue

On more than 20 pages we have compiled many products, which we have added to our stock assortment for you. The catalogue is intended as a transition for the period up to the publication of our new complete catalogue during the summer. It should spread a little excitement and anticipation and shorten the waiting time.

We have filled the new products catalogue with many interesting articles and would like to mention a few highlights here:

  • Look forward to an extended range of super comfortable safety shoes in the REDLion series from U-Power with the Infinergy® system from BASF. Large amounts of your energy are retained when they occur and returned to your body during the rolling movement. Joints, muscles and tendons are noticeably relieved. Especially those who walk a lot and for a long time will notice the difference in the evening!
  • Discover the perfect combination of styling and function with safety shoes from the PUMA Safety® collection. PUMA safety shoes have been around for many years. The latest trends from the sports and leisure sector are constantly influencing the collection. At the moment this is especially true for “knitted shafts” (Safety-Knit©-System): soft, very adaptable and lightweight, these now find their way into safety shoes and, in combination with the IMPULSE-FOAM© sole technology, ensure great walking comfort.
  • Add apparel from the PUMA WorkWear® collection. The PUMA garment is an absolute new development and therefore “up to date” in design and function. Especially the multistretch fabric of the trousers provides a great wearing comfort!
  • Try one of our new jackets, which are anything but “professional” and boring. Working hard and not looking like hard work is almost taken for granted these days. The jacket “Tasty” should be mentioned as an example: a tight fit without restricting combines with a cool “neoprene look” to a great design. Various pockets and the dirt-resistant grey ensure unrestricted suitability at your workplace.
  • Are luminous paint and reflective stripes not striking enough in warning clothing? We make you glow, so that you will never be overlooked again! Warning vests and caps with LED lights let you also shine in absolute darkness and sometimes even replace the flashlight. The fluorescent Glowtex light strips do not require batteries at all. So you are well visible even if your reflective strips are not (yet) illuminated in the darkness.
  • Protect and care for your skin because it is the largest part of your body. Sun protection in particular – and for good reason – is becoming more and more important and must not be neglected under any circumstances. And “little assistants” for disinfection can help you to avoid the next strong outbreak of illness at your workplace.
  • Get yourself a fall protection that will keep you solid! We would be glad to advise you individually and competently or you can use the configuration tool of our partner M*A*S Safety. You can reach it via the red button at the top right of the page.

Hopefully we have now piqued your curiosity – you can download the new products catalogue here or by clicking on the picture on the right. Of course there is also a printed version, which we will be pleased to send you.

Further producers of safety shoes new in our program

In addition to shoes from the PUMA® Safety and LUPOS® collections, we have added other producers of safety shoes to our product range. In spite of our large capacity, we are not able to stock all our shoes directly – but we can deliver the complete range at short notice. In the following we list all new manufacturers in our program. Directly beside the name you get to the homepage of the respective manufacturer by a click. You can look around in peace and inform. Of course you can leave this “work” to us as well. Tell us your requirements and you will receive your suitable offer immediately. Our new manufacturers in alphabetical order are: