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Wholesale for your personal protective work equipment and workwear

We have been working for you since 1949: Starting with the sale of brooms, brushes and paintbrushes, today we mainly take care of the safety of your employees and colleagues. As a wholesaler for commercial and professional needs, we supply industry, trade, service providers, construction and authorities with all products relating to occupational safety, personal protective equipment (PPE), workwear and operating supplies. As one of the first companies in the Rhine-Main area, we imported leather gloves directly from the Far East in the 1970s. Today you can get (almost) everything you need to make your business safer and cleaner – from head protection to protective and work clothing, safety shoes to brooms, brushes and other operating supplies. We can customise many of them according to your company’s requirements. Our field service will be happy to advise you on site or we look forward to your visit!

Take advantage of our many years of experience and our diverse business connections in occupational safety for your optimal and individual solutions. In order to guarantee high quality and the best possible service, experienced partners who know your needs and on whom you can rely are necessary. Our many, mostly long-standing customer relationships encourage us to be such a partner for you.

As a family business, we have been completely independent since the very beginning and are now working in the third generation.



We thank you for your interest in our company and our products. Please take your time to have a look around. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your team of the G. Strauß GmbH


p.s. Please note our new products catalogue and other additions to our product range – find out more here.


We offer you all things down from your feet up to your head that are necessary for your safety. The number and choice of products in the personal protective equipment (PPE), safety articles and workwear is increasing daily. For example, ealier we had one yellow rain jacket, today we have four different models in stock. Each model has its justification and areas of application. The rain jackets are just one example among many: The larger selection leads to the fact that today many solutions are ready-made, which was not possible in former times and/or only as individual special production. This is also reflected in our stock-keeping: In the last ten years, for example, our selection of safety shoes in stock has more than doubled to over 70 different models. In connection with our generous stocking, we are able to deliver an increasing number of articles quickly and reliably.


Nevertheless, “the” standard situation is becoming increasingly rare. One example is the finishing of clothing by printing, embroidering etc. with your company logo. Achieving optimal results in an increasingly complex environment requires individual and tailor-made concepts and knowledge. We can offer you both: We will be glad to supply you with standard articles immediately from stock and develop your personal solution together with you.


Overview of our products
Safety gloves Safety gloves
  • Gloves are especially important to us.

    We already imported leather gloves with fabric backs from the Far East in the 1970s. At that time it was still in wooden boxes with 600 pairs each – the container was not yet “the shipping standard of world trade”.

    With this long experience, you can rest safe in good hands with us, because whoever works (almost) always uses his hands. Even those who “don’t” work move everything with their hands. A small cut on a finger immediately impairs our grip and sense of touch. Adequate hand protection against any kind of injury at work is therefore more important. We therefore offer a wide range of gloves to protect your employees from many possible risks:

    1. mechanical hazards due to abrasions, pressure points, cuts and punctures, e.g. when using knives or needles
    2. thermal risks such as cold or heat
    3. Protection against liquids, chemicals and microorganisms
    4. The lost of the necessary fine feeling/touch during assembly work


    The following articles/pictures are only examples from our wide stock program – for a complete overview please have a look at our catalogue (German):


Safety shoes Safety shoes
  • Hardly any other of our garments is burdened in such a way (in the truest sense of the word) as a shoe. For safety shoes the load is even higher, because you wear them day after day, week after week and therefore more often than any other shoe. This is why you react extremely sensitively if the fit, size or features are not exactly perfect. New technologies are helping to improve the balance between foot and shoe. With us you always get the right shoe for your requirements: whether metal-free, extra wide, particularly robust, particularly comfortable, approved for orthopaedic insoles, waterproof, warm lined and much more. Our shoe catalogue with approx. 70 models for every range of application and every taste gives you an overview of our stock range.

    The following models are only examples of our extensive stock programme – for a complete overview please have a look at our shoe catalogue (German) or our new products catalogue (German):

Personal protective equipment Personal protective equipment
  • While working in dangerous areas, your protective equipment is always personal: you are the person who will be injured in the event of an accident or carelessness. Regulations, training courses, construction measures etc. reduce the risk. Nevertheless, for some areas of working life you will need additional equipment for greater safety. Forestry work, handling chemicals, road traffic work, welding work, breathing in dusty environments, use in areas at risk of fire are just a few examples. We know which protective clothing is suitable or prescribed for which activities, which material can withstand, which requirements and which standards are more than just guidelines. Take advantage of our wide range, available immediately from stock, for the benefit of you and your employees.

    The following articles/pictures are only examples from our extensive stock programme – for a complete overview, please take a look at our catalogue (German):

Workwear Workwear
  • “From hard work to fun factor” this is a fitting headline for the developments in workwear in recent years. Materials from the outdoor sector, cuts and shapes from the fashion sector are combined with requirements from the work environment to create new models and series going far beyond protection of dirt or the desire for robustness from earlier years. After all, workwear is the outward image of your company, which we perceive in the famous “first impression”. And if this impression is positive, the basis for a good cooperation is already laid (unconsciously).

    Workwear is usually not protective clothing and is therefore not bound by law to certain specifications. The manufacturers are therefore more free in conception and development and can put certain characteristics in the foreground: particularly hard-wearing, easy to maintain and clean, particularly breathable, modern cuts and fabrics, best price/performance ratio, many functional bags etc.

    For companies it is most important to have a uniform appearance with the clothing of your employees with recognition value. We will also be happy to apply your company logo, emblems, guild signs, names etc. to your workwear. From the screen printing process for large quantities to individually applicable transfer/patch emblems and embroidery emblems up to the elegant direct embroidery, we offer you everything from a single source. A high-quality and suitable workwear supports your employees to feel (even) more comfortable at work and to increase the fun factor.

    The following articles/pictures are only examples from our extensive stock program – for a complete overview please have a look at our catalogue (German) or our novelties catalogue (German):

Brooms and brushes Brooms and brushes
  • It all started with our brooms and brushes. The founder of our company, Gottfried Strauß, travelled through Hesse and Bavaria with his brooms and brushes after the Second World War. After he had settled in Offenbach, he and his son Peter, quickly realised that in an industrial town like Offenbach many other things were needed for work – the sortiment was constantly extended.

    We should never forget our roots and also in the third generation we want to remain true to our beginnings – especially because we know how difficult it can be for companies to find exactly the right brooms and brushes. We offer you a wide range of bristly working materials: from extra-wide brooms and traditional coconut and horsehair brooms to heat-resistant brooms and brushes made of Bahia and Fibre fibres, scrubbings and scrubbing brushes.

    The following pictures are only examples from our extensive stock range – for a complete overview please have a look at our catalogue (German):

Other Other
  • To work really professionally, you need the right equipment. With us you get everything you need for well-protected and comfortable work. Hand cleaning and care products, sun cream, wipes and cleaning cloths, sponges, rubbish tongs and garbage bags, doormats, brushes, rollers, buckets and much more complete our range and round it off.
    Just ask us, what else we can get for you.

    The following articles/pictures are only examples from our extensive stock program – for a complete overview please have a look at our catalogue (German):


We are a wholesaler and supply exclusively for the commercial and professional needs of industry, trade, construction, authorities, service companies …
We therefore typically supply in whole packaging units/cartons. We would also be pleased to accompany you during growth – please do not hesitate to contact us. We will discuss together what we can do for you. A possible fitting of shoes and clothing is possible with us only after previous arrangement – different to the retail trade (at the best by telephone: 069/8570620).

Your direct contact

Peter Brunner (Field Service)
Phone: 069/857062-16
Fax: 069/857062-11
E-mail: pbrunner@gstrauss-gmbh.de

Andreas Kukula (Managing Director)
Phone: 069/857062-15
Fax: 069/857062-11
E-mail: akukula@gstrauss-gmbh.de

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 07:30 – 12:30 and 13:30 – 16:45.

News - Downloads
19. April 2019
UV-protective clothing

UV-protective clothing – but right!

Especially in spring the first warm sunrays are very welcome and we like to let them work on our skin. Unfortunately, the rays are deceptive: the further the year progresses, the longer and higher the sun stands, the higher the UV exposure is for our skin. Since our storage capacity for UV rays is limited and, in the worst case, there is a risk of illness, protection against radiation should not be underestimated.

Since the recognition of white skin cancer as an occupational disease at the latest, the employer is obliged to protect his employees. It is best to expose the body to as little direct sunlight as possible. However, this is often not practicable. But who wants to put on a shirt – preferably in long sleeve design – at 30° to protect themselves from the sun? The right clothing can significantly increase wear acceptance:

  • It should protect effectively – sun protection factor 50+ – if possible without chemicals
  • It should be tested according to the relevant standard 13758-2
  • It should not heat up the body additionally, but cool it down
  • It shouldn’t smell of sweat right away
  • It should be Oeko-Tex certified
  • It should be produced as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible
  • It should be produced in Europe, preferably in the EU, so that decent production conditions are guaranteed

Answering “yes” to everything sounds good? That’s what we think and you’ll find it here now: Shirts in various designs – also as warning protection, hats, caps and a neck guard for a helmet. All further information can be found in our flyer (German) or simply call us at 069-857062-0.



6. April 2019
LUPOS®- Safety shoes

LUPOS® – The King is back

An absolute classic among the manufacturers of safety shoes is back: LUPOS® – The king is back.The slogan doesn’t promise too much: absolute top equipment with modern design and top quality pamper your feet! People like to work in safety shoes – as it is also shown in the current TV commercial. To start with, we have included three models in our stock. You will receive all further details in the matching flyer.




Of course, our three pairs are only a small part of the extensive LUPOS® shoe range. You can find all other models at www.lupos-safety.com/de or download the current LUPOS® complete catalogue here. We can deliver all models within a few days.

3. February 2019
New products catalogue

At the beginning of the new year, our new products catalogue was published. On more than 20 pages we have listed many products which we have added to our stock assortment for you. We have also significantly expanded our range of safety shoes and added the manufacturers BAAK, HAIX, Lupos, Mascot, PUMA and SteitzSecura to our range. All further information can be found in our “New to us” section via this link.

4. February 2018
Safety catches

Safety catches – so that you can work safely at height and depth!


Together with our partner – the leading German manufacturer MAS Safety – we offer you all the products that you or your employees need to protect against the risk of falling. You can assemble them yourself around the clock and order them directly. Use the configuration tool from MAS Safety – you can reach it via the red button at the top right of our homepage. With the help of this tool you can assemble (yourself) all the components required for your application. You will be guided through the selection process in such a way that you can neither forget anything nor select products that do not match. This results in security right from the start! Once you have made your selection, you can order and determine your delivery address yourself. So deliveries directly to construction sites, assembly sites, branches, etc. are no problem.

When ordering, you can specify that you will be reminded automatically after 12 months of the necessary inspection. We can carry out this test for (further) unrestricted function and suitability of your systems at our premises or at your premises. In addition to the MAS Safety products distributed by us, we can also test systems from other manufacturers.

We will be happy to support you in your selection, because – as accustomed to us – we can advise you well and comprehensively on every product distributed by us.

Our trained expert advisor on the subject of “Safety Catches” is Mr Karsten Ottleben – telephone: 069-857062-14 – e-mail: kottleben@gstrauss-gmbh.de.